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Chris Reno, President
he prospect of sharing with others outside of Russia our intention to sell low-rise wood-built houses has often been met with a slightly puzzled look and a doubting smile. I'm embarrassed to say that many accomplished American businessmen still think that there are bears roaming the streets of Russia's most prominent cities. At Universal Building Solutions, we love these reactions and uninformed opinions. Always remember: in business, it's the early bird that gets the worm. Americans and Canadians in colder climates have been enjoying the benefits of year-round living in wood-built homes for hundreds of years. The construction techniques have proven to be more accommodating to the individual's tastes and, most importantly, are considered to be the most affordable means of new construction. We believe the time has finally come for Russian citizens to experience these benefits firsthand. Many objectors believe that Russians are different than others. While we respect the individuality established by such a proud and illustrious history, we also understand that Russians are no different than people from Japan, Australia, South Africa or Dubai for that matter. All share the basic human desire to want something better for themselves and for their children: better jobs, better healthcare, better housing and a better standard of living. In short, a better tomorrow. With great vision and understanding, President Vladimir Putin has set a course to help achieve some of these desires with his high-priority national project to provide Affordable and Comfortable Living for Russian Citizens. At Universal Building Solutions, we are proud to be a small part of the big picture to help reach these goals.

Christopher M. Reno
Universal Building Solutions Corp.

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